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This story about girls growing up and crossing over into puberty takes place mostly in private homes and at the beach. I had three major points of focus for making the spaces dynamic and unique on a micro budget -

Location differentiation - we worked very hard making sure each house (there are 6) reflected not just the distinct socio-economic but also the underlying emotional situation of each family. We spent months scouting for places that gave each home a distinct feel. (See scout bible below).

Color - as the girls grow older, the fairy magic is leached out of their lives, so as we progressed in time we gradually pulled the sparkly and flowers and color out of the rooms. This included planting and removing beach roses and silver painted grass at the beach.

3.  Magic - The girls capture moths in mason jars and make wishes as a centerpiece to
    this story, so we had to integrate the use of live moths, CG moths and prosthetic moths
    on a tiny budget. The ocean is filled with bioluminescence which we made practically by
    sewing hundreds of LEDs onto a submerged fishing net.

As the story takes place in the early 2000’s we had our hands full rebranding all the products in vending machines and snack shops and collecting phones and toys of the period without drawing too much attention to it being ‘period’.

A delicate story, shot with young girls, we were careful to create spaces that were comfortable for them and real so that the design didn’t distract from their lovely, tender story.

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